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Formerly PlateIQ, Ottimate started in 2014 as an AP automation solution for the restaurant industry. Since then, the solution has evolved into a proven, versatile, industry-agnostic AI-driven AP solution for managers, controllers, and CFOs.

PlateIQ sought a rebrand that could help them extend beyond their initial vertical market – and make a splash in the saturated AP automation software space. After extensive research into the competitive landscape and stakeholder needs, we zeroed in on key differentiators. We collaborated to develop the brand story. We brainstormed dozens of name possibilities. From there, Altitude crafted the new visual and verbal brand identity – and Ottimate was born.

The brand gives life to Plate IQ’s existing color palette, drawing on its years of brand equity while introducing new, attention-grabbing elements. At its core is the new brand icon, Otti, an octopus symbolizing intelligence, eight helping hands, and a consortium for AP professionals. The personality of Ottimate not only sings automation but also gives the company a conversational voice – making the powerful AI technology accessible and real for the end users. Initial user acceptance testing metrics are strong, and the Altitude team is excited to see Ottimate’s impact on the 
AP industry.
Ottimate website mock up