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A Proven Approach.

If you’re a B2B technology company, you need a corporate brand that reinforces your marketplace positioning, creates a positive first impression and helps drive prospects to take action. Problem is, if you ask a design firm to create your brand, they’ll design you a pretty logo and a business card. Ask a web development agency, and they’ll program you a website. Only an integrated marketing and B2B branding agency, like Altitude Marketing, can deliver branding and rebranding services that bring your brand to life.
Altitude Approach to Branding

Success Stories

Who We Work With

While we’ve helped countless companies from all industries, Altitude Marketing focuses on delivering concrete results for B2B clients in the life sciences, technology and manufacturing. Why? Because we know them. Altitude understands the complex and can speak a client’s language and, more importantly, their client’s language. 

We know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” branding solution for our clients because we know that every client and every industry has their own unique set of challenges. Quite simply, Altitude thrives on complex branding challenges.

Altitude HQ

Small Town Roots. Global Footprint.

Nestled within a 70-mile radius between NYC and Philadelphia, Altitude’s headquarters in Emmaus, PA is a perfect place for our team to strike a healthy work/life balance, as well as having quick access to arteries of national and international travel. We’re a world-class agency without the big city noise.